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Horses/thrush - lameness


hello Anne. do horses turn lame if their problem(thrush) is not fixed for months?

That is a very real possibility, Rohit, but there could be other underlying factors, like white line disease or founder. I guess my main concern is why it has been allowed to go on for so long. In order to treat and ultimately cure thrush:
1) the stall must be kept as clean and dry as possible.
2) hooves must be cleaned with a hoof pick and brush a minimum of twice a day, but ideally every time the horse is fed, groomed and pre and post riding.
3) if you (or the horse's owner) can't afford Copper-tox, Thrush XX or one of the commercial treatments that are available, you can use household bleach to treat thrush. But be careful not to get any in the horse's heel.

Hope this helps!


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I am knowledgeable regarding Standardbred race horses (trotters and pacers). I can answer general questions, questions regarding conformation, rigging, lameness and some shoeing questions.


I raced standardbreds (primarily trotters) for 9 years on the Grand Circuit and in overnight events for approximately 15 years.

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