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hello Lyn. is western horsemanship a good paying job for me? i mean to say, correcting the horse behaviour, giving proper groundwork training, almost whispering. would it pay me? if yes, may i know how much per anum?


What you are describing is training and training fees vary widely depending upon the region you are in and even more so on your reputation that has to be established.  Getting certified by a well known trainer is a start but getting into training requires you establish a reputation for being able to train horses.  Most trainers show extensively to demonstrate how well the horse is trained by how well it does at the show.  So you have to get horses to train, get them to shows, do WELL at shows and then you will get clients.  You can't just show up and start a training business.  Doesn't work that way.  No one is going to pay an unknown, unproven person to train their horse.  Horse training is a very difficult profession to get into.  


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