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saddle laid
saddle laid  
hello Lyn, I believe that the point of knee flap should touch the blue vertical since the horse's shoulder muscle lies there in the image I have attached. then, we are judge that the saddle is laid correctly. am i right?


As i explained before, you want to make sure the tree of the saddle is behind the horse's shoulder blade.  In this picture the saddle is too far forward on the horse.  Put your hand under the saddle in the front where the end of the tree is, on this saddle where the screw that holds the front of the saddle together, just above the knee roll.  That needs to be behind the shoulder blade.  The girth is going to come right behind the elbow, further restricting the movement of the front leg.  Get someone to pick up the front leg and draw it forward when you have your hand under the saddle and you'll see what I mean about interfering with the shoulder.  


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