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horse on right
horse on right  
QUESTION: My horse has been at another part of the  farm for sometime now and my husband brought him home yesterday. I noticed today that his neck looked swollen at the crest. It may be totally normal idk but I don't remember  his neck ever looking like this. Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks

ANSWER: Ashley,
A couple of things come to mind. You didn't give much detail so let me ask some questions. Was the horse on good pasture? Is he overweight?  What's his age? If he's approaching or in his early teens consider possible Cushing,
's syndrome. That can make horses cresty. Just being overweight can too. If he's not overweight then palpate the area and ask him to flex his neck. If after all this and you don't find anything and he's not fat then you may want to get him checked by the vet. Not seeing what you are talking about makes it hard to figure out much.

I wish I could be more helpful but I don't know enough to do more than make some suggestions.  


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

horse on right
horse on right  
QUESTION: Sorry I didn't think to include the questions you asked,but to answer them. Yes good pasture, he's 8yrs, and he's a little over weight. He hasn't been rode in two years due to me having children. I sent a photo in the first response idk if you got it but will send it again. Thank you

Sorry I am so late in responding to your follow up questions. He's very cresty and looks pudgy in the photo. Get him tested for Cushing's and you may want to do a thyroid panel on him too. I have a 14 yrs old Mustang who looks like that after the lush spring pasture.  She's been having some foot issues, first time,  and I  know she's  insulin resistant  (all Mustangs are) so she's in a grazing muzzle now. Hates it but it's either that or a dry paddock.


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