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QUESTION: HELLO! I really want to know my standardbreds former trotter name his brand is V3757 (I think) I need to know the former race name to give him a name because I'm adopting him from a rescue and don't like his name that he has now, the rescue says he was originally a trotter and then he went to the Amish and the Amish sent him to slaughter where the rescue rescued him. Please get back to me as soon as possible please!!

ANSWER: Hi Lily!
  I was able to find this information about your new "child"
HE'S A SPORT (V3757, G)

Foaling Date:   05/01/1999   Sex:   Gelding
Foaling Place:   HIGDON AL   Color:   Bay
Tattoo:      Freezebrand:   V3757  
Death Date:         S&D Last Year:   
Markings:   NO WHITE MARKINGS.   Parent Verified:   Yes
Eligibility:   Yes
Eugene J Walek (337H32)   CHEEKTOWAGA,NY    Effective: 04/29/2005
Certificate Mailed 05/05/05

As you can see, his racing name was He's A Sport. He is actually pretty well bred! Small world--I have actually met the guy that's listed as Sport's last owner a few times; he lives about 5 miles from me! If you'd like contact info to let him know that Sport is OK and has a good home, let me know.
Best of luck!
Anne Stepien

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Oh my god! Thank you so much, I am interested In Getting the last owners number and I would also like to thank you so much, I also was wondering how I would look up his race records just to see his racing history thanks a whole bunch again!

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Today was just one of those horribly busy, where did I leave my head days! :)
For starters, here is the last owner's contact info:
    Eugene Walek
    51 Wallace Avenue
    Cheektowaga, NY 14227

Here is what I was able to find about his racing days. As you can see, he was a 9 time winner and made about $19,000 lifetime.

 HE'S A SPORT javascript:;  (V3757, G)    [ 1999 , T, 5, 2:04.0H   $19,016 ]  


US - Trot (Lifetime)  Issue Date: 06/12/2001


Annual Racing Summary

 Gait Track Date
Last Start : Trot BR  05/25/2005  
Year Gait Purse Races Money
Won  Record
Time Track
Code Record
Starts 1st 2nd 3rd
2005  Trot   8  0  0  0  $ 420      N/A  
2004 * Trot   30  4  0  5  $ 9,035   5, 2:04.0H   BR  05/28/2004  
2003  Trot   16  3  1  2  $ 3,809   4, Q2:05.0H   MR  07/01/2003  
2002  Trot   4  1  0  1  $ 1,240   3, 2:07.2H   MR  02/05/2002  
2001  Trot   8  1  0  1  $ 4,512   2, 2:05.0H   MR  09/05/2001  
Trot Domestic Total 66  9  1  9 $ 19,016  5, 2:04.0H    
Beginning in 2002, Canadian earnings are converted to US dollar equivalents.
The * indicates horse has Canadian starts; (F) indicates horse has foreign starts; Last Start refers to last North American start  
NOTE: Detail and summary racelines available for 1992 to the present.

Age/Type Gait Record
2 Year Old Trot  2:05.0 H
3 Year Old Trot  2:07.2 H
Life to Date Trot  5, 2:04.0 H

General Information
Foaling Date: 05/01/1999 Sex: Gelding  Death Date: N/A  
Foaling Place: HIGDON AL Color: Bay  S&D Last Year:  
Tattoo Number:  Freezebrand: V3757   

 Sire of Sire:  SUPER BOWL javascript:;  [ 1969 , T , 3 , 1:56.2M , $601,006]

Sire:  CUMIN javascript:;  [ 1987 , T , 3 , Q 1:57.1M , $150,527]

 Dam of Sire:  GINGER LOBELL javascript:;  [ 1978 , T , 3 , 2:01.2M , $9,245]

 Sire of Dam:  TEXAS javascript:;  [ 1974 , T , 3 , 1:57.3M , $235,363]

Dam:  TEXAS TICKLE javascript:;  [ 1985    ]

 2nd Dam:  TICKLED javascript:;  [ 1965 , T   , $0]

 Foundation Mare: NELLY javascript:;  

Registered Owners Location Member No. Purchase Date
Eugene J Walek  CHEEKTOWAGA, NY    337H32 04/29/2005

Lessees Effective Date Expiration Date Member No.
N/A N/A     
Prior Owners:  Current Lien:  Prior Lessees:  Prior Lien:  
Yes  N/A No  N/A

Breeder Name Location Member No.  
Sand Mt. Stables  BRYANT, AL  768C66

Hope this information helps! Best of luck with your new baby!
Anne Stepien


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