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hello Anne. should i tighten the girth of the horse as much as i can or there should be 4 fingers gap between girth strap and horse belly? today when i was trotting my horse, it slowed down for a moment. i kicked with both of my legs in its belly. it made a blow sound. what does it mean?

Rohit, you want the girth to be snug. Since some (most?) horses will blow up, I always tighten a girth in two stages. Allowing there to be a 4 finger gap between girth and horse means that the saddle will not be secure. You can also end up with some nasty sores from the saddle/girth rubbing back and forth on the horse.


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I am knowledgeable regarding Standardbred race horses (trotters and pacers). I can answer general questions, questions regarding conformation, rigging, lameness and some shoeing questions.


I raced standardbreds (primarily trotters) for 9 years on the Grand Circuit and in overnight events for approximately 15 years.

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