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QUESTION: I have a standardbred that I recently bought. He has 2 tattoos on his neck> i found out what his first one was. His registered name is Red Star Brave Heart. His tattoo is WN068. He has another one close to his head. It is G23. I can't find what it means. Is there any info you could help find get for both tattoos?

ANSWER: Hi Deneen.
  The second tattoo was placed by the breeder/farm he was born at. However, according to USTA, that 2nd tattoo should be 326 and on the right side of his neck. Is your horse a bay stallion, about 15 years old with no white markings?
Anne Stepien

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: He is a bay, but has been gelded. No white markings. Maybe I will try read his second tattoo better. What is the second tattoo for? I couldn't find racing stats. Does that mean he wasn't raced?

ANSWER: Deneen, So sorry for the delay. The 2nd tattoo would be placed by the breeder to keep track of who is who. If you have 10 colts about the same age, all bay with no white markings, keeping the straight can be a headache!  Where did you look for racing stats? Pathway would have them for a fee; if you just checked USTA's Entries and Results and did an advaned search, only starts witjin 90 days would show up.
Sorry again for the delay :(

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No worries on the delay. I had forgotten all about it. I looked at his second tattoo again. It could be 323but it doesn't look like it would end in anything but a three. Anyways I looked up his racing stats according to his papers on the trackit website for canada. Is that what you meant by. USTA?

Hi Deneen. USTA is United States Trotting Association. (Web site is They are basically a record keeping organization. Trackit would be through Standardbred Canada. (Web site is Since his name was Brave Star I assume he was bred in Alberta? You might be able to get some help from their regional organization; their web site is

Hope this helps!


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