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I recently purchased a very nice 4 year old mare who was pacing and winning in 153 on a 5/8 track. We put her on our half-mile tracks and she brushes her knees, especially at slow speed and in the turns. she gets quite mad and "sour" after hitting and doesn't want to try very hard. She has a huge "engine" and we will welcome any advice on how to corrective shoe her to stop hitting. The drivers all have different ideas, but none are farriers!

Hi Timothy.
  Let me start by saying that I'm not a farrier either. You say that she brushes her knees, then you say she hits them. There's a huge differences in approaches you could try. If you can answer a few questions and get back to me, I can certainly give you a better answer.
  Is it only training fast miles, just going slow training miles or all the time, even when she jogs? Is she hitting the whole mile or just in the turns? I assume she is wearing knee boots? Leather, felt or plastic? Knee, knee and arm or knee and half arm?  How bad is she marking them? Is she hitting the bottom of her hobbles? Is she shod level in front? Steel or aluminum shoes? Is she going straight? Do you do your own shoeing?
  Look forward to hearing from you and getting this young lady straightened out :)
Anne Stepiem  


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