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Horses/W tongue control bit


Booo wrote at 2010-02-18 00:51:06
Think that bit is called a Running W. They tear a horses mouth all up though. There is a new product out called "Comfy-Tie" It's an elastic tongue tie. A friend of mine tried it and that particular horse has not been of the board in her last 3 starts. I found it on jockeytackcom. Looks really nice.

Rattlesnake wrote at 2016-04-07 17:52:09
A Serena Song bit is for horses that may have breathing troubles not for control. It is for tongue control. If you are have control problem's us a sliding cage bit, some times called a sliding gag bit. Make sure there is no other issues causing control problems #1 teeth issues, sores on lips or side of mouth. Look for simple things first before trying the bit named above.  


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