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Horses/How do break Wild Mustang in a Halter ??


Lolo wrote at 2007-07-30 03:23:40
I have a mustang colt, a yearling.  When we adopted him, they were kind enough to put a halter on(that I Provided) while he was in the chute.  Anyway it fell off.  So I just worked on giving it feed out of my hand while the halter was around it.  Then when it wasen't scared I would put it over its nose, and then the strap over the head, and eventually after "bugging" him enough with it he figured it was easier to stand and have it put on rather than run away from it.

Holly wrote at 2008-09-14 00:51:14
Approaches to halter breaking mustangs depends largely on their age and how long they were on the range. My yearling decided after a couple of weeks that humans were good, while my three year old took six months before she would come within 10 feet of me. The most important thing to remember is that while this is a horse they have all spent some time with the sole focus of surviving. With that in mind approach the mustang carefully, it is bigger than you so don't give it a reason to feel threatened. If you are rubbing on it and it steps away, that is a sign of discomfort, start over in a place that the horse feels safe. Also keep your goals clear and simple, like one day sniffing your hand the next day (or week) rubbing the face.

Always end the session on a good note, praise the horse and walk away. No extra pats after you have ended the training session.

pam wrote at 2009-02-03 17:48:59
Do you have a cattle shut? you can run the horse into the shut.. when they get in as far as possiable.. slip a board behind them ,,have them in pretty snug..then put the halter on... leave about 12 feet of roap dragging the to them,, bring a bucket of grain to them.. every day short periods of time.. to get closser to the horse put your foot on the end of the rope.. slowley reach down as your talking... little by little pull the rope closer.. hold some grain in your hand.. just go slow..i have broke many mustang.. withen 4 tom 5 days i hade a saddle on them.. but theres still lots to do before the saddle.. get close enough to brush..touch there legs and feet ,,clean there feet..sack them out.. it would be easeir to show,s really a great joy and not as hard as you think....good luck

Nina wrote at 2012-11-01 17:58:27
I have adopted two mustangs. You first need to let the horse get to know you, once the horse is comfortable, you need to work to get the horse let you touch its face and nose and be comfortable with that then introduce to halter. Show the horse the halter and let the horse sniff the halter so they know what it is. Once you do that, slip the nose piece of the halter over the horses nose. If the horse acts afraid of it, go no further, repeat the process until the horse is comfortable with the halter being put on its nose. Once the horse is comfortable with this process, you can work further until you successfully get the halter on the horse. It took a few weeks to get our mustangs to let us touch their faces and put the halter on. Good luck.


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