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Horses/breeding roan to roan


Steph wrote at 2014-05-26 16:23:57
Roan coloring in horses is completely different from merles in dogs. Roan to roan breeding is not a problem and is done often with no trouble.  


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Michelyn Estrada


I can answer questions about: Breeding horses, Horse breeds, picking the right horse to buy, choosing your stallion or mare to breed, vices (cribbing, kicking, bucking etc.) Whether shoeing of your horse is appropriate, and conformation questions. However, I can not answer questions about: Showing, and color coat genetics.


I have ridden horses since I was 10 years old, my family owns a boarding stable and breeding farm. I have always been in love with horses and I love to study about them. I own 4 stallions and 2 colts which I have trained.

I have been to a horse management class, basic and advanced horse care classes, and a breeding class.

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Aj Jol Parker is my long time friend and I regularly help him with breeding and training.

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