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Keith Kibler wrote at 2008-11-28 14:09:32
 I beg do differ with your answer as far as the twh not being able to do endurance. For that matter, implied in your answer was that because that because the top 5 breeds doing endurance were arabs and morgans, meant that was what one needed to use.

 We have just finished our 3 season using gaited mfts and twh in endurance in AERC events. We have had 17 starts, 15 completions and 12 top ten finishes. We have started 6 different gaited horses

 The factors we have to consider:

1. The horse itself, does it have the temperament, physical and emotional makeup to handle the training and the event?

2. Training. I have found to ride on the same level as whatever Arabian we are riding with we need to train 2 to 3 times as much.

3.  Management: The Arabian breed has some advantages, such as, they cool quickly because of their genetics. I used to think that the heavier a gaited horse was, the more he had to be watched for a cooling problem and/or heart rate problem. My experience has shown me that it is not directly related to size of the horse. It has more to do with temperament, nervous system, heart system and the way the horse is managed during the ride. Of, course ride temp and humidity are important factors. We ride, train and compete with wrist gps and wireless heart rate monitors on the horse.

 Your comments of physical problems with hocks,sore backs etc have not born out with our experience. My main 50 mile horse has over 800 miles of training and competition this year alone to date and shows no sign of any of those problems.

Altogether, our horses have about 3000 miles of training on them this year with none of the problems you mentioned.

 I do agree with the gaited ride being smooth however. I can finish a 50, a 30 mile LD and not have any soreness.    

 I have had so many other competitors, vets and ride management express the same attitude of "you need an Arabian if you want to do endurance" that I just had to respond.

 Keith Kibler

Shawnee Sunrise Farm

Gaited Endurance

Keith KIbler wrote at 2013-08-26 19:21:48
I thought I would come back years later and provide an update on whether you have to have an Arabian to do endurance. We are in our 7 year of endurance and our horses have started 74 events. Our completion rate is over 90% which is greater than the Arabian completion rate. Our top twh mare is 15 for 15 at rides under a 100 miles and 4-6 for 100 mile rides. She alone has been awarded 5 Best Condition Awards.  While I am really proud of Kate, the truth is that these horses are truly capable. They just have to be diligently trained.  


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