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Horses/horse fungus?


Julie Neighbors wrote at 2006-07-04 20:00:15
My horse also has a fungus, little bumps all over his chest and legs.  I called the vet, we tried anti-itch soap, washing every other day.  This didn't stop it from spreading, talked to the vet again and he said get some fungus spray from Walmart and spray it on him every day.  Thank goodness it worked.

Good luck,


Bridget wrote at 2007-11-26 20:48:50
My horse seems to have the same problem; it's most likely a fungal infection. I was advised to scrub really well with betadine and then treat with tea tree oil (really good for fungus). Also, wash ALL your blankets or saddle pads (if they come into contact with the area, washing anyway is probably best). Also; I have heard people swear by MTG (you can get this at any horsey store, smells like bacon :S ). My plan is to give him an all over bath with a n antimicrobial shampoo and treat the area with either tea tree spray or MTG and I'm washing all my blankets/pads and giving him a week off of riding (it's right on his back)

Hope this helps. =)

shock wrote at 2013-05-11 03:57:48
Call a vet.  Who are you fooling Sarah.  And whose horses are you endangering.


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