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Hi Heidi,
I have sent my 4 yr old gelding away to be broken in. He is a very gentle soul, however is also very nervous and has been reared with his mother and  other horses and has remained bottom of the herd. He was doing very well at being broken in ,although remained very timid spooking extremely easily, he allowed the trainer to lean across him but every time she sits up and after a couple of steps when  he can see her he goes up like a bottle of pop and unfortunately she now says she can not continue with him. What do you suggest I try next ? safety is of course a big issue.
Looking forward to your suggestions


Thanks for the question.  I guess my first thought is that the training does not seem to be very effective if he is still so spooky and timid.  I am not a fan of trying to break them to ride until they are very solid on the ground.  This does not have to take a long time.  In a matter of weeks, certainly months a good trainer can get a horse settled down and desensitized, and create a solid foundation.  Then I would go to the next step of trying to get on them.  The problem with the scenario now is that the horse has learned that he can get the person off his back by misbehaving.  I am surprised the trainer does not suggest a better course of action on the ground.  Please note though that I am not able to see what is actually happening so do not want to judge the trainer.  

So my suggestion is to find someone who will work with him to create a solid foundation.  This is what I call Phase 1 & 2 training.  There is detailed information on my website and also some video at  You have not mentioned his basic manners.  Does he lead, tie, stand for grooming, vet, farrier, etc?  If not, start there!

Regarding finding a trainer, the best way is to look at their own horses.  Are they well behaved and have good manners in the round pen, when tied, when you are up close to them?  This is how i would choose a trainer - by seeing their horses and watching them interact with them.

I hope this helps!  Please keep me posted on your progress.  All the best...

Heidi Herriott

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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