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QUESTION: i have had my horse chase for 13years as a 3 year old, he is a coloured cob 16 hh, always has been so very gentle, and kind and not a bad bone in his body. Two weeks ago after a ride (he didnt seem right then as bucked a little)i fed and watered him, and rugged im up as i pulled the rug forward he bit me very hard on my leg, two weeks on and half my thigh is still black, it made me a bit wary of him and i dont want to feel like this, but his ears go flat back sometimes when i am near him. also my friend went to take the barrow off to the muck heap, chase was eating his hay when he suddenly cantered over to her, rearing and she said he was very aggresive, please can you help me, i havent changed anything, feed,etc and nothing has changed in his environment, there is only him his best friend and little doughnut a miniture shetland who chase likes, i would be very grateful for ur advise,

many thanks


It's hard to say just what is going on with your horse from the info you gave. But, I would suggest you call your vet out to check on him and to give him a good physical. There could be something wrong with him that makes him hurt. If your vet clears your horse and says he is ok, I would then send him to a qualified trainer. He has already hurt you and showed aggression to your friend. Barring any physical pain he feels, your horse has lost his respect for humans. If I had your horse, I would start at the very beginning of his foundation and rebuild it. I do not recommend you attempting to do this yourself. The penning of his ears when you approach him is a stern warning to you to stay away. The next step he will take is to attack you. Unless you are very good at training unrespectful horses, you could be seriously injured. I get these kind of horses in all the time. It takes time and tons of patience to correct it. So not try this yourself!!!! But remember....have your vet check him first. Good luck and please stay safe.

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QUESTION: Thankyou you so much for ur helpful advise, i would like to ride him soon would this be advisable, he hasent hurt me since but does flatback his ears very often when i am close,

Hi Jan,
It is your horse and your decision. The fact that he is laying his ears back is a warning to you. I would still have a vet check him out. Then I would find a good, qualified trainer to work with him. This kind of problem just doesn't go away. In fact, it normally grows worse until someone is hurt. Just the other day, I received word that a friend of mine had a problem horse rear back while he was in the saddle. The horse fell back and crushed his pelvis. I wasn't there, so I don't know what caused the problem. But, it is just a reminder that you can be seriously injured...or worse....when dealing with a problem horse. So the call to ride is all on your shoulders. I wouldn't want to see you injured. Maybe you could get a friend who is a very good rider and has good balance to ride him a few times before you hop on. Just a suggestion. careful. I do this for a living and I exercise all the safety measures I can to ensure my safety and the safety of the horse. If I get hurt...I can't train a horse. Always remember.....To have fun with your have to survive the experience. Good luck and stay safe.

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