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I'm 13 and i work and ride at a barn I've been going to since I was little.  2 of the many horses there are thoroughbreds.  One is a gelding, Max and the other is a mare, Dolly.  One day a couple weeks ago i was bringing the horses in for their grain and Max charged our electric fence which is in-front of our metal gates.  He broke it and gave me a huge bruise on my leg.  Dolly is a very high-strung mare.  She has never been raced on a track and is used for mainly pleasure riding.  but on Friday i was bringing her in and we barely made it out of the paddock and she reared up.  I got her to stand still and it seemed like she was calm but when i started walking her again she reared again and tried bolting.  We adventually made our way to her stall but somebody who also works there had  come from the opposite side of the barn and the second she saw him she reared again.  I usually do not use a chain on her  but we do on Max.  Max has a history of rearing up and has gotton away from handlers many times only to run into another paddock.  I have been told that the chain usually keeps Dolly under control but i have never used it on her and i don't know how she will react.  We believe that Dolly may have some sort of mental retardation but we aren't certain.  Do you have any ideas on how to calm them down? Some times i have the feeling that they are really going to hurt me.  (and i do realize that the breed is partly the problem)  I'm willing to try anything to get them to relax.

Hi Sam,
         First off, the Bo and/or the owners of the horses should not be having you working with these horses. It is not if you get hurt but when and how badly. I have seen people hurt seriously by a rearing horse. If you are not able to tell the barn owner yourself, have your parents do it. I would hate to hear that you were hurt or killed by an adults foolishness.


Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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