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Hi I was just wondering if there were any ways in calming down a high-strung mare and gelding thoroughbred.  They both get very antsy when i walk them past a paddock with playing horses.  Are there any tricks i can use to get them to calm down?

Unfortunately, thoroughbreds are always going to be high strung since they are hot-blooded. But, if you feel that how they act will become a dangerous situation then the horses are obviously not paying any attention to you. Which brings me to the conclusion that you need to go back to basic training with the two. Put them in a round pen and start running them until they're tired, get more of their respect, and make sure that the next time you go pass those horses in the paddock that they are giving all of their attention to you. But, if their attention averts to those playing horses back them up and make sure that your getting their attention, correct their behavior before it gets out of hand.

My other solution is a calming solution for horses, there are many different types and brands of calming solutions that you can give to your horses. I can't recall the liquid solution I give to my barrel horse before we start a race, but all I do is put it on a treat and feed it to her and it works charms.

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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