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I have a two year now gelding who lives on 13acres of pasture with two older mares. He has attention everyday and he bites himself on fronts legs to where he's picking his own leg up he does this couple times a day. He mounting the mares and biting her leaving horriable bite marks. He does not bite at me seems really bad on himself please help

Hi Juliea,
There are many causes for your horse's actions. It's really hard to pin-point it to one cause. One possible cause would be a nervous horse. Much like a person would fidget with their hair when nervous. I would suggest having your vet check your horse to see if he was gelded properly. He could be a "proud cut" gelding which would explain why he is mounting the mares. Biting while mounting is common. But even so, some geldings will try to mount mares even years after gelded. You might try separating your gelding from the mares for a while. I would also work him. He could be bored with your everyday activity and need something new to do. Put his mind to work on something else. If he's broke to ride, start putting miles on him. Then, of course, there is the possibility of flies biting at his legs.  

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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