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got a new horse recently. My trainer went to try her before purchase and she had no issues. After she settled into the barn we began to ride her, but a new issue arose, She started bucking about a foot off the ground and now has settled into kicking. she seemed to be afraid of the bit, so we changed it to a d-ring snaffle with copper rollers, wich she likes, but still she kicks out, especially when i nudge her forward. i though it was my position, or my legs were noisy, inconsistent contact in the mouth, because i know she used to be a high ranking in dressage. but after fixing it all, she STILL KICKS!. and we are only walking! she will just stop, pin her ears and kick. its frustrating because now its coming out of nowhere. and im beginning to worry about her. she is housed next to some very nasty horses, could that be carrying over to riding? what is making her kick out? its her only vice!


The answer to this may have to go through several times of your writing to me and my asking you to do things to eliminate possibilities to solve this problem.

The FIRST thing that you have to do, before you go any further in riding her...and especially getting after her for kicking, is to eliminate any possibilities of her doing this because of  a physical reason. Did you have a pre-purchase exam done on her by a vet before you bought her?

If she has pain, especially back pain, then the kicking could be the only way she can react if she is in pain. I think you should have a chiropractor look at her to determine if anything is going on there.

If there is no pain issue, then start ground work with her. Be sure you know how to lunge correctly and softly and with encouragement. Do not round pen her. I have articles on lungeing, or if your trainer does it correctly...(not chasing the horse around, but getting the horse to respond to vice commands. There are many articles on it but choose a good one.

Put a Bitless Bridle on her for a while. This will instantly tell you if there are mouth issues. Know that even with a Bitless she may react to rein pressure for a while because she is going back on memory of pain.

Please keep me posted and call or email anytime.

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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