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I got a new horse recently. My trainer went to try her before purchase and she had no issues. After she settled into the barn we began to ride her, but a new issue arose, She started bucking about a foot off the ground and now has settled into kicking. she seemed to be afraid of the bit, so we changed it to a d-ring snaffle with copper rollers, wich she likes, but still she kicks out, especially when i nudge her forward. i though it was my position, or my legs were noisy, inconsistent contact in the mouth, because i know she used to be a high ranking in dressage. but after fixing it all, she STILL KICKS!. and we are only walking! she will just stop, pin her ears and kick. its frustrating because now its coming out of nowhere. and im beginning to worry about her. she is housed next to some very nasty horses, could that be carrying over to riding? what is making her kick out? its her only vice!

Hi  Brianna

Thanks for the question  and I will try and help.

I take it as well as yur trainer trying her out  you also tried  her as well?

I would firstly be inclined to  get a vet to have a realy good look at her mouth and her back  jsut to rule out any  possible  trouble there, it might be  that altough she was ridden when you went to purchase her, there  could have been something wrong that  did not show up at the time............ it has been known   for  some sellers to actually give a horse pain meds   when they are being ridden by a prospective owner  so that  little niggles do not show up.

Were you told she had a problem and that  she kicked out at people?

It could be something where she is stabled, she  might be picking up on something the other horses are doing..........but I think htats unlikely as they are iin stalls and  not  in a field, a field situation  might explain her picking up bad habits if she had to defend herself, but I can't see it  coming from being stabled next  horses  with badhabits, but again its posible, has another horse been able to lean over and try to bite or bully her?

Try  getting her checked over first and see where that leads, I can almost bet   its  either her mouth or her back thats the source of the trouble.

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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