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Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training/Untrainable horse? Rick Gore Horsemanship


HI Rick, i have a 9yr old TB mare who i have have for 4 months now she was sold to me as a project as she had been used as a broodmare for the past 3yrs, she is perfect in every way except she wont accept the girth, we have had a trainer to her and she will lunge beautifully but as soon as the roller goes on she acts like a bucking bronco, the trainer even put he roller on and let her off in the paddock so she could work it out and calm down but she went wild bolting from one end to the other it took over an hour to cach her and she didnt trust us for 3 days after so we told the trainer not to come any more, we have had her vet checked, teeth, feet and back checked all are ok, everyone says she is past help and not ridable have you come across this before, any help would be great, also eveyone who has looked at her think she may have been badly treated and hit.

Bad training gets bad results and gets horses called bad.  So much going on wrong here, there is not way to even start explaining everything. You have not read my website or watch all my videos or you would not asking this. This is a human problem and not a horse problem. Just because someone calls themselves a trainer and you believe they are a training, does not make them a trainer. I cover this in many areas of my site and videos.

You mention the horse was treated bad or hit, So? Again another topic cover and explain why that is just an excuse for the unknowing and has nothing to do what why PEOPLE fail with a horse.

Running around asking questions on the internet also shows a lack of knowledge on your part. You don't who is going to answer, what their level or experience is or if what they tell you is correct or wrong.

What makes you think if a "TRAINER" who sees the horse and has worked with the horse and can't fix the horse (there is nothing wrong with the horse by the way), what makes you think someone on the internet who has never seen the horse and never worked with the horse can somehow give you a better answer than the "TRAINER" that worked with the horse?

Most people reading this will see my point clearly, others will get mad and tell me I am mean or rude.

Read my site and watch my videos, Working with horses is a process NOT an event.

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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--Rick is a student of the horse. I have over 450 free videos on Youtube about horses. I believe in and practice "Natural Horsemanship". I ride mainly western and don't use or promote spurs, bits, or whips. Reins are only one cue for the horse. Using the entire body helps the horse understand. I define riding as a human and horse working together for the enjoyment of both. Pain and fear should not be part of the equation. If you expect feel good advice, you will be disappointed. 95% of all my answers will include the problem is you and not your horse. About 90% of most answers that I give out are on my web site, so if you read it you will probably answer your own question and may learn a few other things. If you ask me a question that I answer on my site or video I will send your question to the question pool.


Rick is an experienced horseman with over 35 years of riding and handling horses. Rick grew up in Texas around horses and horse people. He has started colts, ridden many horses with behavior issues and worked with problem horses. (He believes that most horse problems are really people problems) He believes in and practices natural horsemanship and continues to read and study books by great horsemen. He routinely attends clinics, talks with and discuss horse issues with other clinicians and trainers. He has never met a horse that could not be fixed. Rick believes it is never the horse's fault and with proper handling, all problems can be worked out.

I have life long experience in being around and working with horses. Over the years I have watched good horsemen do the right thing and seen the wrong things done with bad results. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.

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