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I have a very nice 5 year old gelding (gelded in August)who was alredy part broken and is now going on really well. We hack out with other horses from his field (no mares) on a regular basis and I am really pleased with his progress and good nature. He is excellent to handle and shows no signs of stallion tendencies or bullying in the field BUT he has now kicked out at his friends (the other horses) twice under saddle, seriously lashing out several times and even backing up on them. I chastise him immediately but it is very unexected when it happens, hard to see coming. I donīt intend to keep a horse I have to worry about staying at the back or away from other horses so need to cure this. Can you help? Is this his remaining stallion hormones that will wear off? Thank you in advance, Karen

Come on, stop blaming the horse for your inability to read a horse. Sure it happens unexpected, because you are not paying attention, you don't prevent it, you don't ensure the horse is not in the position to do it, you fail to control your horse, you don't know how to stop your horse from backing, and it is hard for you to see it coming?  Yep, sounds like a horse issue?

I have very specific instructions before writing me questions. You failed to read them or you should not be asking me this. Maybe that is your horse's fault too?

I do not answer questions to make people feel good, I speak for the horse and if you listen you will learn that you need to do better if you want your horse to do better. I have a 500 page website about horses that you can read, but you want a fast easy answer.  I have over 500 videos where I explain things just like your questions? YOU would know this if you read anything about me before asking this question. Since you did not read anything, that tells me you just running around asking anyone for help without knowing anything about them, that is dangerous for you and your horse.

My website and videos are free, you can learn as much as you want. NO one can give you an answer to this questions since the horse does NOT have a problem.

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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