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Not a question here for you Rick just wanted to say Thanks. I read one of your response's and I had to laugh because you have responded to me that way twice but it made me take notice. I had biting and charging issues with my horse that came on suddenly and I was over anxious and just could not wrap my head around what to do and so I sat down on the rock just above my pasture and watched my horses, for days and weeks I watched. When they came up for feeding I watched and listened to their sounds, I took pictures, I asked someone to watch me with my horse and boy was I shocked at what they had to say, but it made all the difference in the world, I was coddling this horse, treating him like a baby it wasn't until it was pointed out that I then saw it too. I owe you such an apology for thinking....well never mind it wasn't very nice. I discovered what my horse wanted and needed and from August I have been working on being a leader and partner, guess what, the biting and behaviors stopped when he realized my attitude had changed, I was no longer allowing him to think he could treat me that way, I gave him direction and respect and he has helped me to change my thinking, it truly was me, but I always knew that I just couldn't see what he was telling me, so again Rick thanks for being you, I have my boy back.

LOL, if I had a dollar for everyone that hated me.  :)

No apology necessary, glad you finally listened to and starting thinking like a horse. It is not personal, it is not mean, it is just a horse being a horse and that is all they know how to be.

I just did a video on a woman that did an article and that spoke up for men and kind of told women what they did not want to hear. In her article she said "The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off"  I love that.  Here is a copy of the article.

The article does not deal with horse issues but this woman says a lot of what I say and it pisses women off and now they are attacking her and telling her to kill herself. I know what she is going through, but what she said is true to me so for all the woman horse people I upset by trying to tell them what they NEED to hear and not what they want to hear, I get the same attacking and negative responses.

People with horse problems will not help themselves by blaming the horse and getting mad at me because they don't like what I say, the only way to really grow in your horsemanship is to admit the problem is you and NOT the horse. After you do that, things get a lot easier and in the future, when problems come up, you learn to look at yourself and change what you do and that is when the horse will change what they do.

Thanks for compliment, I just wish more would get it so horses would get a better deal and a better life with understanding horse owners.


Here is video I did on this article - uploading now so it may not be up for a few.

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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Rick is an experienced horseman with over 35 years of riding and handling horses. Rick grew up in Texas around horses and horse people. He has started colts, ridden many horses with behavior issues and worked with problem horses. (He believes that most horse problems are really people problems) He believes in and practices natural horsemanship and continues to read and study books by great horsemen. He routinely attends clinics, talks with and discuss horse issues with other clinicians and trainers. He has never met a horse that could not be fixed. Rick believes it is never the horse's fault and with proper handling, all problems can be worked out.

I have life long experience in being around and working with horses. Over the years I have watched good horsemen do the right thing and seen the wrong things done with bad results. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.

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