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QUESTION: I have a 15.2hh registered paint mare that I have been having problems with. I think it is trust issues but am not sure and thought I would ask an expert. I paid a thousand for her and it took me a very long time to save up to this so I really want to her to work out. I was told that she has had six weeks of professional training, she neck rains, and is a very stout mare. I thought about entering her in some halter classes at local shows to see what she would do. When I went to look at her, the only problem that I could see was that she was pretty bad at being buddy sour. I know this can easily be fixed so I ignored the problem. I rode her around and she did really good. She has an amazing trot and quickly won my heart. When I got her home, I led her around to get accustomed to the new surroundings and she seemed to be fine. She whinnied to the other horses a lot but I ignored that. I have been keeping her in the barn that has an attached outside paddock so she can go out if she wants to. The first problem was when a friend of mine tried to get on her bareback. She started to shake and acted like she would either buck or take off. I could tell that she wasn't being rude and I could tell that she seemed really scared. A good trained horse should not do this because we have some that are four hundred dollar horses that are complete deadheads and don't mind what you do to them. The second problem was when we were desensitizing her and we were taking a rope and tying it around her belly like a latigo would. We could tell that she was extremely cinchy. I am afraid that she will bite me. We moved it toward the flank where a back cinch would be and she turned into a bucking maniac. No kidding. We haven't tried to put a saddle on her and am afraid to do so. I have been taking riding lessons since August but am still not an intermediate rider. Also, when I go in the barn, she will come to me but when I pet her and start rubbing her all over she will leave like she's a little weary of me. What is wrong with my mare? Is it trust issues?

Also, thanks for taking the time to read this. I know it's long but am worried about my mare.

ANSWER: Short answer: The problem is YOU

Long answer: I can't believe you would write me this question calling the horse names, blaming the horse, calling the horse sour, talking about what you were told, saying the horse is scared,...

You have absolutely no clue what you are doing, what you bought or what is going on. You do not have the first clue about understanding horse, pressure and release, sacking out, horse fear, your fear,.... there is so much going on here that I cover on my website and in my videos, if I did not know better I would think you intentional wrote this just to irritate me by using all the phrases and name calling that I try and stop?

The horse is NOT the problem, and you obviously did not read anything about me before asking me for advice? which tells me you are in a hurry looking for easy answers and don't have time to do research before asking for advice or doing your homework before you go out and buy a horse.

Until you read my site and watch my videos, I do not want any part of even trying to give you advice. You do not know what you don't know or you would not be asking ME of all people this silly question.

Good luck, my site and videos are free, it only takes time, so you can invest now or continue to do what you are doing.

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QUESTION: It looks like the problem is actually yourself. I can see why you have disabled the rating section. You think your so big and bad when you tear into people for no reason at all. I have seen some of your "precious" videos and they're ridiculous. All you do is giggle through the whole video like a 2 year old girl that is just about to open a Christmas present. I'm surprised that you call yourself an expert.

Surprise, surprise, you get a horse, can't handle it, you can't find a trainer to work with you, you can't find your own answer, you write me for some easy answer and quick fix and then get mad at me for all your poor choices.

I have a 500 page website and over 500 videos with over 9000 subscribers and over 5 million views and countless positive comments on how my videos and web site that have helped countless people.

It you spent time learning and stopped wasting time blaming me or blaming the horse maybe you would learn something. Before you can learn you have to admit that you are the problem - obviously, I am the problem, it is my fault you are failing with your that you bought and that you can't fix and because I laugh in my videos.


Of course, then you could not blame me for your choices and decisions.

For others that read this, visit this video and read what other people say about my videos:

Here is what people say about my website:

Perhaps after you read the comments on these two videos, you may see that YOU are the problem not the horse or me.

Good day!  

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I have life long experience in being around and working with horses. Over the years I have watched good horsemen do the right thing and seen the wrong things done with bad results. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.

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