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I have just received a beautiful buckskin gelding 8yrs old quarter horse, who was a recovery horse out of Alberta. I don't know much about the horse other than he likes his food.. seems to be fine we've been taking it slow. When he arrived we had the vet come over and check him out, all is good. He hasn't shown any bad habits till now.. 5 months later, SO now when you want to clean his front feet , you can pick it up no problems at all the moment you start to clean, he snaps his foot to the ground hard. So I've talked to some locals about this and they suggest to tie a rope to the horn lift his foot and put a rap around he leg and then stand back and make him stand on three legs for awhile. And if he starts to fall let go of the rope. I'm not sure about this, could you help... Please

The problem with that idea is that it's completely dangerous for you and the horse! Either that horse will flip out and flip over backwards even after you let go of the rope, or he will just slam right into you when he flips out.

Frankly all you can do is continue working with the horse and his front feet, if he refuses to pick his feet back up for you there are two things you can do, one of which is: using the pick part of your hoof-pick (if it isn't sharp at the end) apply some pressure with it just underneath the back part of his Fetlock (his ankle). My mother use to use that technique all of the time.

The second one involves pinching the scabby part on the inside of their leg, that use to be their third toe while they were evolving. If just pinching that third toe doesn't work start twist that thing as hard as you can and pretty soon that baby will be lifting his leg right up there for you. Don't worry it wont injure your horse in anyway it's just a bit of pressure. After a while that horse will be picking up his feet for you as soon as your hand starts sliding down his leg.

Hold his foot there for a while once you get it in the air (and watch out, some young horses start to tip!) if he takes his foot away punish him real quick and try again. You should work on this for about 30 minutes to an hour daily, but if you can't get out there daily just do it before and after you do whatever you do with him and that should make up for some lost time.

I hope I helped you! Thanks for asking me and feel free to ask me some more questions!

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