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Hi I have a seven year old Gelding named Bingo and I am having some trouble when he's tied up. He often pulls back as I tie him up and once he's tied he will pull until he breaks he's leadrope or the hay twine. We have tried different halters but he still breaks them. When we float him he snapped the hay twine just as we arrived home. Are there any kind ways we could train him not to do this? We love our gelding and don't want him to be hurt.😢

Hi Ruby,

Try tying him up with a haynet. Food is a fantastic training aid.  There is something we have in the UK called the Equi-tie.  Not sure if you can get it in Australia, but it's a silicone rubber ring that just clips together, if the horse pulls away, it breaks, but just clips up again.  Reassure him, talk to him, brush him, let him realise that being tied is not a bad thing.  

Alternatively, teach him to stand still when you drop the lead rope, known as ground tying....tell him to stand, when he does, reward him, gradually increasing the time you wait between the command 'stand' and the reward, usually a treat.

Hope this works and if there is anything else I can help with, please do contact me.

Emma xx

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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