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I have a 4 year old mare, and she is really shy. I've been wanting to get her used to guns so that i could shoot a rifle like a 30-30 or .243 from the saddle while I'm hunting but i have no idea where to start. One of my dad's friends said to use fire-crackers and work my way up, but I wasn't sure. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could help me. Thanks.

I would not use firecrackers.

I would instead begin with a lower caliber gun, maybe even a BB gun, or something small, but that would still have a sound and recoil to some degree.  Firecrackers have a different sound, and smoke too for that matter.

I would also do this from ground at first.  Make sure your handling of this mare is such that you inspire confidence in yourself in her eyes.  No babying, or bouncing around, but calm steady movements and actions at all times.

The use of gun, to me, is better because it gives more of a visual of the thing, whereas firecrackers or such, will be smaller and harder for her to focus on, and more of a surprise.  And too, if she can't actually see something you are carrying in your hands but it is something thrown out on ground, more of a shock, and could translate to her reacting to breaking sticks at some point.

You will also need to begin carrying scabbard without gun of course, so that the feel and movement of this is nothing to worry about for her.  The more matter of fact you are, the better she will be.

That said.  It may well be that she does not adjust well to it?  Earplugs might help, or nothing might.  Except another horse.

Again, the calmer the surroundings, the more matter of fact you are in your handling of this horse, the better you will be in getting this done.  

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