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hi i have just started the prosses of backing him i have tried lunging him and weather he does not get the hang of it or he just don't like him i don't know i tried with and with out help from someone else and with and without a lunge wipe i even tried two lung lines so now i have skipped straight too long reining him and he has picked it up really quickly and loves it so the question is should i just forget lunging and work on his circles when long reining and try lunging him later on in life if so would he be ready to ride many thanks for your time

Hi Danielle,

Personally, I would leave lunging till he's older, as research has proved that lunging in young horses can cause uneven stresses on the joints and can cause problems in later life.  

Have fun with him, enjoy him, and remember to give him time to young mare took 6 weeks to get the idea of lunging, even now she still has some issues about lunging.

Emma xx

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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