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Hello Aryelle,
I have a 10 month old Morgan Gelding (he was just gelded a few weeks ago). He is beautiful but he is very mouthy. He bites when he can, no matter what I try he will find a sneeky way to take a snipe at you. Not in a mean way but he has a nuzzle then sneeks a bit of a bite in. HE is also very bossy and not very respectful. I am new to this and have lots of advice but even my horse whisperer is at a loss. Any ideas?

This is normal for young horses, especially geldings and stallions. The best ways to stop him from biting is to bop him on the nose every time he does it. Trust me it won't make him head shy at all. He'll stop sooner or later, and if he's pushy and disrespectful I'm going to throw you back into the basics. Lunge him on a lunge line or work him in the round pen if you have one. I prefer round pens because you can really get up close and personal with your horse. If you know how to work a horse in the round pen properly he will improve fast. A horse is never too young to learn in a round pen. The round pen teaches a horse to respect you, love you, and think of you as their leading horse on two legs. You can make their feet move but they can't do that to you. Usually if my horses start to get pushy I push pack but harder. Don't be afraid to get aggressive, it's required to be a horse owner and trainer. If you don't get aggressive a horse can seriously hurt you or worse, you can die.

If you don't know how to properly work a horse in the round pen I recommend watching Clinton Anderson or having a trainer come out and show you.

I hope this was helpful to you, and I do apologize for the very late reply. Good luck with your little Morgan gelding and stay safe!

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