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Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training/Help!!! 10 yr old paint mare bucking when ridden.


QUESTION: What can I do about my 10 yr old paint mare that has started bucking when riders are on her?????
Here is some info that may be helpful:
I had just gotten her august 5th after she had 3 months of training at my instructors place. I was able to ride her bare-back for at least a month and a half. then sometime in October my sister bought a 2yr old arabian gelding to my home and after a few weeks my horse started to buck like crazy I think it might be stress and the type of saddles that I have.

ANSWER: Many of the problems with horses arises because the handler/rider doesn't really know what they are doing, and the horse figures that out very quickly.

She may have a broken rib, or a cracked one, if you put the gelding in with her immediately there is a chance he kicked her and did damage.

Could be in the running and playing, she put a rib out too.  

Stress is not something used in terms of horses, you hear it more related to ulcers than behavior.

Horse may have been testing you all along and you were missing the signs.

Snatching grass while being led or ridden, acting up while being led, being pushy.  All are signs that you are not running the show, and the horse will test you out by doing little things, until you have major problems.

And if your saddle doesn't fit you are causing damage to muscles and bones too.  Same as if I forced you to wear shoes that didn't fit you and demanded you work anyway.  Horses are very stoic and will hide pain or discomfort, until they can't take it anymore, and then will act up.

Some bolt, some rear and some buck.

Could also be, depending on what weather is doing where you are, that the colder weather is making her act up.  Could be having a friend now is part of it too.

When is she bucking, under saddle?  Is she doing it when being taken away from other horse?  Or while you both are riding?  At all gaits or only when cantering?

Is she snatching reins out of your hands or are you not paying attention and letting her have too much rein?

Your saddle could also have something wrong with it.  Broken tree, nails/screws.

Might need her teats cleaned too, as that can make a mare act up also.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Let me just go on record to say that she is a non-lactating mare and that the was neglected for five years by her previous owners eventhough they trained her on ground manners to the hilt. Might she be having a jealousy fit because there is another horse on our property that is younger than she is?
The question about her bucking under saddle would be a yes but she only does it under saddle when ridden.
She seems to be very sensative around the girth area.
Thanks for answering my previous question
From desirae peterson

Sorry, just found this in junk folder, WHY I have no idea.

This horse may have something going on internally, with female organs.  Cysts, tumors, adhesions?

Without having a thorough vet exam you won't know. may also have something seriously wrong with your saddle too.

Such as broken tree, screw or nail has come loose?

Lay your saddle upside down and with ALL of your weight on your hands, move them all over in grid pattern to see if you feel anything.

Do same with girth/pad.

Run hand all over area of horse where saddle would sit, and girth too.  You want the lightest touch you can, so you feel for thorns/twigs/tender spots.

Horse could also have abscesses deep in muscle tissue too.

And could have broken or cracked ribs.

Any of the above would account for bucking.

As well as the saddle doesn't fit her.

Poll might be the issue, teeth too.

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