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hello sir, can you please list few books on HORSE WHISPERING? i really love to learn and implement on horses.

I have never really liked the term "Horse Whispering". It makes it sound so mystical. In reality, it is just knowing the way of a horse and how it thinks, using the natural instincts of the horse to your advantage to teach it something. However, there are plenty of good books with great insight into training a horse. A good place to start is anything by Tom Dorrence. He is considered the father of "Natural Horsemanship". There are also plenty of good reading by Clinton Anderson, Julie Goodnight, Chris Cox and numerous others. Too many to mention. Go online and Google, "Natural Horsemanship books". You will find a lifetime of reading.

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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20 years in horse training. Starting colts, problematic horses, rider confidence and Western riding. I have specialized in training good/safe trail horses. Shown in western pleasure, halter and trail classes. I worked in West Texas gathering wild cattle.


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