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I got my 2 year old filly about 6 months ago and things have gone great. I wanted a young horse so I could train and break her myself, along with learn while doing it. She is a purebred quarter horse. Anyways, since I got her, I have taught her many things, and I have spent most of my time with her, gaining her trust and respect for me... but here is the thing... I don't think I got her total respect. She is out with 2 other horses 24/7 and never stalled. Lately I have been doing stuff with the other horses too, but when I catch another horse, she will turn her but to the horse I caught, back into him like she will kick, I will smack her with the rope, and she will go, but she will then try and get between us. We think she is trying to protect me from other horses and has 'claimed' me as hers, meaning she is trying to be the dominant one, but could it just be jealousy? Since she gets in the way, I will catch her to and tie her up... I know I still need to work with her a lot, but what could I do to stop this?? Please help!

You are teaching the horse things you do not know you are teaching. That is why it is a bad idea for people to get horses and try to learn together. Normally that only teaches a horse you do not know what you are doing and then the horse starts controlling and running everything.

This could be doing this for lots of reasons, but the horse is controlling things and doing things that is normal since you are teaching it is OK and you are telling the horse you cannot stop it and you are not in control.

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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