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Hi bobby I have a 7 month old colt I hav had him for 7 weeks I hav never been able 2 pick his back feet up as soon as I try he lashes out but hes fine with his front he will let me brush his back and he did,nt mind me standing behind him but to day I did exsatly what I hav done since day one  I put his feed in his manger then went in 2get his hay nets and he cow kicked me in the belly I shouted no and tyed him up out side untill I had mucked out I dont want to come down to hard on him as he is a sweet boy and loves cuddles can u help

Let me get this straight....the horse kicked the fire out of you....and you don't want to come down on him as he is a sweet boy and loves cuddles.
Elaine.....this is a 7 month old horse who will grow into a full grown 1000lb animal who will kill you out of survival. This is not a lapdog. I would take a training stick into the stall with me and the next time the horse turned it's butt to me...I would whack it on the butt. I won't tolerate a horse kicking out at matter the age.  

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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