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Hello Dyer,

I'm writing a career research paper in my English class. The career I chose is a horse trainer, and I'm having trouble finding some information. What I can't find is the pro's and con's of this field. If it isn't to much trouble, can you try to reply rather quickly? I'm a bit short on time. Thank you :)

Well there are multiple Pro's and Cons with being a horse trainer, but I will start with the con's first since they are most important.

~Legal Documents- their are so many document that you and your lawyer need to make, that concern you, the horse in training, and the owner and even one typo can become a large, legal disagreement if something does go wrong.
~Owner issue's - If something does go wrong you get a lot of legal issues in hand from the owner of the horse, and if the legal documents aren't in order the issues can become so large that you wont have any money left. Also, some people are cheap and they try to cheat you out on your money, so it best that you get payed before you start your job.
~Vet - It's best to get a trusted vet out to meet and check up on the horse upon arrival, unfortunately vets cost money so you're losing a bit of your salary in this.
~Life threat - there are so many dangers in this field that you may need really good life insurance and medical insurance. many things can happen either on a green horse or even a completely broke horse, the horse can easily hurt you badly (which can put you out of business for quite a while) or you may even die from some freak accident.
~The horse in general - some people may bring you a horse that may in fact be impossible to train, like my Paint mare for example, she's a one owner horse and she causes so many issues that even I cant get her to stop having attitude. You wouldn't believe how many times that horse has tried to throw me off and I've had her for several years now. And what happens when you cant train a horse? you lose money and you've wasted everyone's time.

~Money - you can make plenty of money in this trade or you could lose a lot if you don't know what you're doing.
~Love for horses - if you love horses and you love working with them like I do then that makes your job so much better.
~Easy - if you know what you're doing and how to do it your job will become so much easier.
~No set schedule - unless you create your own schedule no ones gonna tell you when you have to be out there and do whatever you have to do with the horse. I make sure that I am well rested before I go out and do my job, but I also have a set time and schedule to feed the horses and take care of them, I just don't have a set time to ride them.
~No Graveyard shifts - I never work when it gets dark outside I don't feel comfortable doing it and neither do the horses, even if I'm in a covered arena with lights.
~Breaks - you can take as many breaks as you want as long as you want, no one cares as long as you're getting the job done!

Now I'm sure there are way more pro's and con's but these are all I could think of at the moment, good luck on your research paper! I hope I was helpful! :D

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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