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I have a 5  yr old gelding. Ive been working with him for over a year now, and theres one problem i havent been able to figure out how to correct. When i try to brush his legs  or lift his hooves to clean them, he flicks them away from me and moves his body towards mine and shoves me away. He used to lift them for me pretty well and i could check and clean them all. I always started with the same side, and now its the most troublesome one. (He got a pretty bad gash in it last summer about an inch above the hoof. Maybe cleaning it made him "gun shy" about it?)  
How can i get him to let me clean those darn hooves?

It was most likely that gash above his hoof that made him shy but who knows.

The best thing that I can think of is an old way my mother and I use to pick up young horses feet. get a rope, lead rope will work just fine, and if you can get to it wrap it around his ankle. Don't tie it or anything just loop around once and hold onto both sides of the rope. If he moves towards you to push you away smack him or punish him any way you'd like, then continue on what you were doing. With that rope still wrapped around his ankle give it a little tug and ask for his foot, he should lift up his foot, that's when you hold it up with the rope. if he starts to try to hop anywhere just continue holding it there, it's when he starts freaking out is when you should let go and step away, if he even freaks out. You should hold his foot up there for a little while before you decide to start picking his hoof.

Thats the only thing I can really think of as an answer to your problem, and I hope it helps. Good luck!

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