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QUESTION: Hi there,
Where to begin? When I bought my horse, he was ridden in a mullen mouth pelham with a bit converter.  Since, then, he has been ridden in a single joint eggbut snaffle. The problem, is, it's like this snaffle is nothing to him.  A trainer was riding him when I first got him and said that he doesn't have much respect for the bit and suggested a twisted wire bit. Well i don't want to do that.  I ride English by the way.  I think his mouth is very dulled from the riding with big converter.  The guy who sold him to me seemed like a beginner, he's had at least 4 different owners before me.   What bit do you suggest?  I really don't know want to stick his original bit in his mouth because it seems very big for him and bulky and he doesn't seem to like it much.  What kind of snaffle do you suggest?  Yeah, and I know, it's not the bit, it's the leg, seat and hands.  He has an extremely hard mouth it seems.
Thanks in advance for your response.

ANSWER: First you did not read the advisory.

Second you know nothing about me or you would not be asking me about better bits, since I am anti bit, do not use them and think they are all cruel.

Third, this is not a horse problem it is people problem. You call your horse hard mouth, please, if you understood horses you would know they are just a reflection of the person handling or riding them.

I would suggest you read my site and watch my videos, but since you are asking me questions without know anything about me, it tells me you are just looking for someone, anyone, to tell you what you want to hear. You will not get that from me.

There are lots of other people on this site that will tell how to fix this and what is wrong with your horse and bits and then you will feel better.  I assure you, it is not the bit or the horse, it is you.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I just want to say that this person who answered my question was extremely rude & obviously has some type of head problem.  I will not be using this site again.  You may want to rei-evaluate this person as an "expert"  He knows nothing about customer service or me as he appears to assume.  Get some therapy, dude!

Stop crying about me and your horse. You are so busy being right and looking to blame others for your problems that you forgot to look in the mirror.

I have specific instructions at the top my question box, you did not read it, you tried to look for fast easy answers and since I did not tell you what you wanted to hear now you want to cry and blame me and call me rude and make it personal about me having head problems and needing therapy.

Very common response for someone who can't accept any responsibility for their own actions and problems. Too bad for your horse, it is stuck with you.

Perhaps you should spend your time better then running around crying about no giving you a feel good answer. Look in the mirror and you will your problems.

Stop emailing me and stop wasting my time with your crying comments about how I am now your new excuse and your new problem.  If you write me again I will reject the question. Go look for pity elsewhere.

PS: I think most reasonable people, with a brain, will see that anyone like you that blames this site, and everyone that uses this site or gives advice on this site as bad just because you did not like my answer, is unreasonable. This site provides a forum for people to offer to help people and share their experience, for FREE. If you don't like me or my advice then go to someone else. I don't represent anyone but ME. But you keep running about blaming everyone and everything for your choices and see how that works out.

Good Day!

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