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My gelding spends every minute he's tied screaming like a maniac. When I took him to the extreme cowboy race a few months ago, he screamed all day long. It's very embarrassing. He moves around a lot and nearly digs a hole around where he's tied. I've tried tying him tired and making him stay there until he calms down, but it seems the more he stays tied the more frantic he gets. He doesn't pull back. When I get my mare out and not him, he runs the fence and screams. Then if I try to put her up and get him out, he runs around behind her and herds her off before I can get to him. I've tried making him work around her, and even round penned them together, but everything I'm trying isn't working. Do you know of anything else I can try? Every now and then he'll not let me catch him, and when I finally do, he's a monster to do anything with. I'm getting very tired of trying to get through his attitude, especially when some days he's exceptionally good.

Need more information please.

What breed is he?  How old?  How long have you had him, and where did he come from?  Was he broke when you got him?  

What experience do you have with horses, and how much?

And how stern an owner are you, are you a "poor baby" and an "it's all right, don't be upset" and try to fix everything?  Do you spend a lot of time when he is behaving like this, going back and forth trying to do something to stop it?

Or are you a no nonsense owner that doesn't put up with things?  

Also, what is this horse getting fed and how much?  What type of hay?

If registered what are his bloodlines, and what is he used for and trained for?

What other behaviors does he exhibit?  Fussiness at feeding, belligerence, won't lead correctly, in your space, has an attitude?

And what, if any behaviors do your other horses exhibit, besides this horse?

And secondly?  Are you SURE he is not proud cut?

How long has he been gelded also?

If I think of something else?  I will message you, or if you think of anything that might be of interest here, include it.

Paragraph form too, makes it easier to keep information straight, and to explore this further.  

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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