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hello. i am rohit from india. i have a plan of buying a thoroughbred ex racehorse next week. can i ride my horse(with steel shoes)on the road in the image i have attached? hope it doesnt hurt the animal.

You can ride on the road but do be aware that horse might could slip easier, so I would not get carried away and move fast.

But also something to keep in mind is that just like with humans, repeated heavy pounding on a hard surface, such as road is, could cause horse problems with joints and legs.  Walking, or maybe an occasional trot would be fine, but due to slipping possibility and also the wear and tear on body, keep pace at the slower ones.

If you do ride on road, keep good eye on legs, and watch for any signs of lameness.  It is a good idea to run your hands down legs before riding, to feel for heat, swelling, or that something is "off" so you will have a baseline of how your horse is, to compare to after you ride.  

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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