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hey i have recently bought a 3yo tb x, I was told that this horse was broken to ride and drive and never put a foot wrong, always done what you want etc. now I have got him home he has strated to bite and refuse to walk quietly on the lead rope little lone do anything I want him to when I ride him. he lets me tack him up, mount and groom him but nothing I was wondering if there is any thing I can do or if you have any tips on how to break these bad habbits as I fear if we don't start to crack these soon I may have to get rid of him. many thanks.

Hi Nikki

He's 3!  Not 13, just a baby. He's been moved from where he knows people to a new place, new faces, new smells, new horses..and he's unsure.  Let him settle and just do ground work for another year till he's old enough and physically ready to be backed and restarted.  Then do it quietly and sympathetically.  Horses take time to adjust, like us moving from one end of the country to the other, we'd need time to get to know the place and our new neighbours..same with horses.  

Groom him, spend time with him, play with him, do some of the NH stuff and let him be a baby.  The biting should be a short sharp no accompanied with a tap on the nose..not a smack, just a tap..once he accepts that then fine.  Leading takes time, just keep walking him out quietly and teach him the voice commands....this will make rebacking him much easier.  Also teach him to stand quietly by the mounting block, a common fault is horses walking off when you are getting on.

Emma xx

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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