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hello. how can i stop a horse which got loose from its handler's hands and running away?

Are you talking about a horse that is being led, one that is bolting with a rider up, or one that has thrown someone and taken off.

Although the above scenarios are different, end result is same.  Horse is loose and taking off.

In general, you are only going to be able to corner horse and catch it, you might be able to rattle feed cart if this has happened at barn, but chasing a horse usually results in it going even further and faster and further away.

If you are in direction horse is running, you can put arms up and make yourself appear big, and say WHOA!  Of course that is not guaranteed either.

If leading, being aware of surroundings and how horse is acting may help prevent one pulling out of your hands, but of course that is not always possible either.  

When you are trying to catch a horse that is loose?  Remember that a horse will usually move away from the side you are on.  If you are following horse, and it is heading to the right, if you also go to right, horse usually will go to the left...but have seen them speed up and fly off in direction they were going too.  Emus, FYI do not operate like this.

But trying to get horse to where you are able to keep if from having as many escape routes is best.  

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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