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QUESTION: Whenever I go on trail rides my horse does everything that the horse in front of it does. I ride an Arabian and my friend rides a Peruvian paso. For example my friend's Peruvian paso started galloping and my Arabian started galloping after her and I told my horse to slow down and stop(pulled on reins ans said whooaa) and she completely ignored me and kept running.

Also, now when I take the Arabian out of the pen by herself and ride her, she doesn't want to listen and she ignores my commands. I'll kick her and she'll stand there or she'll go the direction SHE wants to go and go to the gate and try to get back in the pen.

How do I make her listen to ME and stop following what the Peruvian paso is doing? If I tell her to do something, I need her to listen to me!

ANSWER: Your horse ignores you since it is smarter than you are.  

You have no idea who you are asking for advice from, you know nothing about me, you have not read one thing about me or my methods, you have read my bio, my website or my videos, you are just running around in the internet trying to find someone to tell you something you want to hear.

You have absolutely no clue what is going on or why so any answer I would try and give you would not make sense, you  would not understand it and would not know how to apply.

The horse does NOT have a problem, the horse is being a horse. YOU do not know how to talk to a horse and you too busy trying to buddy and make the horse listen and you don't understand why it is not working.

There are no horse problems, only people problems.  Had you read my instructions before asking this question you would not have asked it.

Of course this won't matter since you probable have asked no less than 15 people at your barn, friends, different people on the net, meanwhile you don't know what a right answer is even if you get it.

Read my site, watch my videos and you will answer you own question. Or you can get mad and say I am mean for not helping you.  Your choice.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Actually, I agree with you. I don't think there's anything wrong with the horse...I just suck at riding.  But you're the only person I've asked..because I believe you're pretty credible!!! Anyway, I'll look at all your videos and read your website.  Thanks for the help.  And I don't think you're're hilarious!! You remind me of my dad.


(Yeah I know this isn't a question, I just wanted to thank you)

How can you say you watch my videos and then write me this - I say over and over again don't kick your horse to get it to move.

Saying you suck at riding is a cop out, everyone sucks at riding until they take the time to learn and develop the skill of riding, balance, impulsion, rhythm, feel and how to talk to a horse. Without that everyone sucks.  Admitting you don't know is the first step, but you need to identify why you are failing and why your horse is not understanding you.

It is all about pressure release and knowing how to talk and how to give the right cue and signals.  Kicking is not communication, it is pain and pressure, but since you dont know how the use pressure with release so it means something that is why you think kicking will make a horse go.

Until you learn to understand where your horse is coming from and what you is thinking and what you horse is telling you, then you cannot change what you are doing wrong. So until you change your horse will not change.  

Also if you watched my videos you know I say there is no answer for horse questions except one and that is It Depends.

read my site, work your way through my vids and spend time with your horse, not making it listen just being with it and learning it's language.  

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