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hi when my granddaughter gets on her horse for a lesson he just refuses to move she tries to kick him on nothing he just stands there she uses her crop nothing when her teacher approaches him he moves to the other end of arena then stops dead again even when she manages him into a canter she has to keep kicking him I feel the horse knows that she is on him and acting it she is only 10 and this is her first horse he is a cob and belonged to the riding school and he still gets used in the school he only seems to do this to chloe I want her to enjoy riding not to work so hard as the other girls are trotting and cantering no problem but he just stands there what can I do to make him move without the riding instructor chasing him many thaks

Hi Melissa Cowan,
         You have one of two issues, the horse does not respect her and or is too advanced for her. I would suggest that she starts with ground work. She needs to make the horse move when she is not on him. That can be accomplished by lunging him, making him walk, trot and canter while on a long line. She should start this first without tack and then with tack. Have her groom him, pick up his feet, bathe him. When she is able to all that with the horse following what she wants, the next step is to get on him.


Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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