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Hi I am Matti. I have a filly that is not really halter broke all the way yet, or green broke, I just got her last month. When I was working with today, and this has never happened before, she reared at me twice & swung her butt at me and proceeded to try to kick - I stopped her though..All in different times of the 45 minute period I was out there with her. When she reared I roughly backed her up, and when she swung her butt and tried to kick I took a step back and swung her face toward me. Before going inside I walked her around the pen around the pasture 5 times or so. This is the second day that I have put a round bale in her pen for her to eat off of, and I don't know if that could be part of the problem? And finally when I let her go she took a step toward me and then ran away kicking to get to the food. So I was wondering what you would suggest to fix this, or what you would do if this was your 2 yo's. problem? Thank you!

Hi Matti,
I would say you need to be clear with yourself what your goals are with your filly. Are you going to start her this summer or let her get a bit older first? The reason it is good to be clear is that it gives you a focus when you work together. She could be feeling sassy but many times horses rear or kick its because the person pushed on them a bit too much past their understanding. I like to remember that I am working on how the horse FEELS about working with me more then memorizing a task. When you go out you are working on "if I suggest you go left and then my rope starts to swing towards you to insist you do, will you move your feet?". If the horse does move her feet stop what youre doing and either just give her a break or go pet her! If she can go left, go right and back up a couple steps? Call it a successful day! Go groom her and see how she feels about standing while being brushed and giving you her feet to clean. Your job with a young horse is to make them LIKE being with people. Then if you find a trainer to help you start her they will just think she is a pleasure! If you decide to start her yourself she will like you enough to help you out even if your timing is off. Keep working on getting a feeling between you that even if you get lost or she gets lost as soon as you get together and you give her a pet things quiet down and get calm. Thats the beginning of the good relationship you need. If a horse knows nothing, but has that piece, they are lovely to work with and easy to train. Let me know what comes up when you work on this and what your goals are, and I will give you some advice on things to play with in this fun, beginning time.
Best Wishes and Happy Holidays!
Caitlin Day Huntress

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