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There's a horse at work who came from a rescue charity and has slowly been getting better as she has been abused in the past. To start with she wouldn't let anybody get above her and she has finally started to trust me. We started to back her and once I was riding her she was fine to start with and a few weeks ago she threw me off and now whenever I ride her if I even move my leg the slightest bit she panics and shots off around the school. She still trust me on the ground and everyone is telling me to give up on her all together and I really don't want to and it has got to the point that I really think they are right but if I do give up she will be stuck out in a field for the rest of her life and she is only 6. What should I do?

She sounds pretty tricky! I had a horse who came to me in a similar situation, his ground work was ok but as soon as you mounted he changed, he was all panic! Try giving your ground work another look- how is this horse really? Can you act like a loose and crazy drunkard and your horse just goes, there she goes again, acting crazy! I found with my guy that tarps and bags at the end of sticks and anything I could think of to just make some extra noise while I was doing ground worked helped. The idea is that I wanted him to think to himself "oh thank god, here's the quiet riding part." Then when I had a little more going for me riding I brought the same idea to riding- if you get worried I get crazy- when you slow down I get quiet. It took some time but now the horse I refer to is feeling a lot better and he is a great school horse for kids. Let me know if you understand the idea of this, try out a plastic bag at the end of a stick waving around and up and over his back so it switches which eye he sees it in. Let me know how he does and if you need an exact exercise after that I will give you another.
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Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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