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I am writing to you as I have been looking for somebody to help with a pony that we have.

I am a part of a showing team, where we produce ponies for clients throughout the season.

The pony I am writing about is actually our own.

We brought him a couple of years ago, he was a five year old stallion, so now he is seven years. He was cut and then came home. He was extremely nervous, wouldnít lead, didnít like to be touched etc. we sent him away to a trainer, where he was handled, long reined and ridden away. He competed last year lightly as we didnít feel like he was ready to compete for a whole season. He did qualify for Horse of the Year show, but we didnít think he would cope with the atmosphere. When he was first broken he used to bolt basically run away from things he didnít like, luckily he doesnít do that anymore.

He is a really lovely pony but I am looking for some help to him get over his fears. To ride he can be sharp, nervous and shyís a lot and now he has begun to rear. Some days he will be an angel  whereas other times he just doesnít do a thing we ask. He has improved but I would like to learns ways in which we can improve him and his relationship with us. He is very loving in the stable but still doesnít like any sharpe movements around him.

He is 12.2 and is ridden my adults and my sister who is 11 also rides him and she is the one that competes him.

Can you please help

Sorry for the delay in my response, I had an issue with changing my email accounts. I have a lot of students who work with mustangs for the mustang and teens program, the best advice I give them is to make sure that on the ground with a rope halter and 12 foot heavy lead line that they teach the mustang to back out of their space. Once they feel safe in making that space it is about advance and retreat with pressure, near and then far. Play with backing your pony and keeping him at a safe distance with your pony and once you have it lets start playing with some obstacles! You can start by teaching the pony to walk up to a big ball (you can get them at Target or a sport store). He will think its scary so keep rolling it away and go walk over to it again, you are trying to build his curiosity. As soon as he is as close as he can be without running away roll it away from both of you and repeat again. Once he gets so he can touch the ball with his nose he may roll it or he may accidentally kick it, Yay!  Horses and ponies that are nervous have so much fun when we show them that they can be brave and be the boss of the ball. Then use that same logic to have him cross a tarp, or follow a bag of plastic bottles. Taking the time to teach him that if he puts his attention on something it leaves because he is so big and brave.
Try this out with the ball and please feel free to ask me any other questions that come up, I will be getting every update from this site from here forward.
Best Wishes,
Caitlin Day Huntress

Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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