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I just received a 8 year old gelding whom is not broke. I do have a mare horse that I broke myself, but it has been so long ago that I need some advice and refreshers before starting to far on this guy. The first thing I thought I would need to start with is ground training. However, here is my question; when pressuring the horse to mover his feet I have been releasing pressure when he gives me his attention. When he does that I let him rest so long as he looks at me. now as soon as he looks a different direction I send him off again moving his feet. when should I expect him to start following me in the round pen? am I doing something wrong if he does not do this. I have only worked with him 2 times for an hour and half on each day. I eventually hope to be able to halter and lead this guy I just wanted some advice and refreshers on what to expect and signs that he is giving to me.



Hi Lesli,
         Congratulations on your new horse. There is no set time frame for him to start following you as each horse is different. You are correct about doing the ground training first, as it is the first step in communication with the two of you. I would start with sacking him out, get rid of any fear issues he may have. Touch him all over, pick up his feet, play with his ears. Throw ropes on his back. While doing this teach him to move away from your hands and fingers. Teach him to circle you. That is not lunging, it is sending him out in a circle for about fifteen minutes at a time, no more. If he balks at something then go back to the prior step. It does sound as though you are doing a good job.


Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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