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Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training/10 Mnth Filly Herd Bound and Need advice


My new filly, Remedy, is 10 months old. I just got her a few weeks ago, she's never really been handled before except maybe 2 months last fall. I am new to training and have been researching and asking questions since I found out I'd get her a month ago.
She is herd bound greatly and hates to leave any horses and be on her own with me. She has her halter on (Nylon halter), it stays on her and she is in a Pen with another filly, Pony and 2 Three year olds with access to see the Adult herd and get nose to nose contact. Before I got her she was bonded to a Gelding as well.
I can access the pen and all the other horses rush to come greet me, yet she stays at the hay bale. When i approach her she simply just walks away from me, and we play a game trying to catch her in the end. Once I get to her halter and get ahold of her she pulls back but quickly stops.
She leads ok in the pen, but its a fight to get her to leave the pen where the others are not picking on her for getting the attention (Pony bites). So I cannot work with her in the pen and she needs to come with me. Unfortunately where she is kept doesnt have a round pen or small pen to use, so I use their barn. If I Take her in with even just one other Horse shes more steady and less ansy, however if she comes in alone, she tries biting at times (not often), acts Frantically, constantly backs away and tries pulling on her tied lead to get away. The other day I didn't have her tied and was trying to have her stand still with me, and she wouldn't she tried running right over me to get out.
I have till April 19th to work with her here, then for 2 weeks I will have access to a round pen, after that shes going to be in an open field with MUCH more polite and pleasing horses. However I don't want to have a problem catching her.

She has a hernia on her stomach, so shes sensitive to touch on her stomach anywhere. I think shes got a problem with people from maybe the original owners doing something to check on the hernia when she was young before building any trust.

Any tips or advice you can give me to work with her better??? To help do this properly so she won't be so stubborn to catch and take away from the herd without panic!

Right now I make her come with me, and usually at first bring another horse with me into the barn, half way I take the other horse out and try working with just my filly. I brush her out, am quiet toned and reward her when she does as asked, or responds correctly to me, but she's got one short attention span or I am doing something wrong.

Any help and advice would be much appreciated. I want her to trust me and know she's ok with me and safe.

Should I move her to a different facility at the end of the 2 months?? So shes not in an open field??

Hope you hear back soon, and look forward to any advice to better my training her, help her understand better and work with her better.

Thank you.

Hello Jolene-
I think you seem to have a good idea of what you need to work this colt. I just brought my horses home to work with them on my maternity leave and I can say I'm running into some things because I don't have my arena fully built yet. The round pen will help SO much! That being said you also have a young horse! I remember waiting for my young horse to grow up enough to really be worked, it takes patience! The biggest lesson you can teach you and your colt right now is that he should be happy to see you, and he should step backwards and sideways for you. The most important thing is how he feels when he sees you! It doesn't sound like you are but don't let him see you and think work! He should see you think quiet haltering, some walking around with you, send him left with the halter- like a few steps- right, a few steps, back a few steps. And give him a cookie! Right when he is looking at you like you're pretty interesting take the halter off and walk away! You can come back later and do more but short little interactions are best. Just remember you could also find a big field to turn him out in with other horses and wait until he is older to get to real work. You just want to introduce him to being touched and moved a little and everything was just fine afterward.
Best Wishes,
Caitlin Day Huntress

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