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hello Brittney. My friend bought a bought a horse from our local racetrack. its a 7 year old dark bay gelding. may i know what all points i need to concentrate on taking a good care of our new horse?

Hi there,

I apologize for the delay in response. I see that I have 2 emails from you so I will try to answer both in one email.

1. Ex Racehorse care:
First things first. Based off of your other email, it sounds like this isn't your first horse, but maybe your first ex racehorse. These horses are taught one thing and one thing only: run. When you pull back on the reins, they put their heads down and go faster. Learning how to retrain/re-school a racehorse is your first task. Then put him in a descipline that suitable his personality.  

2. Poor confirmation:
A poorly confirmed horse can still be ridden the same way, but may not be able to do what it's bred to do. In your horse's case, being over at the knee doesn't give her much room to do much. She may only be suitable for basic riding. I would consult your vet for this one as he or she can provide you with a better plan for this horse's future.

Hope this helps


Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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