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hello Brittney. may i know in which of the two pics the horse legs are filled up with excess protein? image 1 or image 2?

Both of these pictures look like the horse's legs are filled. Considering that all of your questions have been about racehorses, I'm going to assume that these legs belong to a thoroughbred. If the horse/horse'show legs aren't properly cooled after a work out, they will become puffy, and a horse with usually thin legs will suddenly have puffy legs the next day.

The area between the hoof and the hind canon bone look swollen. To me, it would appear that this horse was worked hard and then put away, allowing him to become puffy. Standing wraps can help a horse'show leg after working out, provided they aren't put on too tight, but the kindest thing would be to hose down the legs after a heavy work out. Other things to check for is joint swelling, which may require a vet.

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Horses - Behavior Issues, Breaking and Training

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