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Hi. I was wondering what you should feed a horse to keep it healthy. Like how many oats, grain, hay, etc. if you have any other tips please let me know!

Hi Sydney,

Thank you for your question.  Horses are designed to live on forages and really do best on fresh pasture or good quality, well preserved hay.  The digestive system of the horse is designed for a horse that spends 19-21 hours a day eating and so horses need to have access to forage all of the time.  If your horse is on good quality pasture, they will eat ad lib, but if your horse is in a small paddock or stall you will want to make sure it always has hay available.  And of course, horses need unlimited access to fresh clean water.

Each horse's nutritional needs are a bit different and depend a lot on the horse's age, management and level of exercise.  Where an adult horse not doing any work can survive well on quality pasture and/or hay, an exercising, growing or geriatric horse may need some kind of supplement to ensure all of its nutrient requirements are met. Choosing the most appropriate supplement for your horse, if it needs any, may require the help of someone who understands its nutritional requirements.  I can help with more specifics if you can provide more detail about the horse(s) you're feeding, or you can work with a qualified nutritionist in your area who can help both formulate a ration for your horse and select the appropriate feeds.  

Thanks, Corlena

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